Jessie criticata aspru de ziaristii de la Mirror

Ziaristii de la Mirror au facut-o pe Jessie „Mizerabila” datorita faptului ca a criticat fiecare concurent in parte, si l-a facut pe sa se simta incomod, din pricina comentarilor („”Will s-a simtit mai incomod ca John Travolta într-un salon de masaj.””)

Pe langa asta, se zvoneste ca sefii de la BBC vor sa o inlocuiasca cu Cheryl Cole. (nu vad rostul unei astfel de decizii, avand in vedere ca acum cateva saptamani au declarat ca Jessie este o mina de aur pentru BBC)

Am urmarit episodul si nu cred ca Jessie a spus acele critici cu rautate, ci mai degraba pentru a ajuta concurentii 🙂

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Well Jessie J was one very unhappy bunny on tonight’s live show, then wasn’t she?

The Domino singer sported a scowl almost as big as her Scouse-brow through most of the acts and had a series of negative comments for every act apart from Tyler James, who she ended up asking out.

With nothing particularly nice to say about any of the acts, Jessie told telling Frances to “take more risks”, Joelle to “let go” more and dismissed Ruth by getting her age completely wrong.

But it was her sniping with fellow coach that made the judging panel look more uncomfortable than John Travolta in a massage parlour.

 Probably the result of a tough week with a run-in with the BBC boss and talk of her being replaced with Cheryl Cole. Ever heard the saying ‘If the wind changes, your face will stay like that’ Jessie?

Does anyone know if the wind changed this week?

Her attitude was bit more narky than usual too. Miss J isn’t usually worried about talking over the other judges but she got pretty agitated when a hyperactive Will chatted over her.

Bless Will, he was so excited over Ruth Brown’s performance that he couldn’t help butting in when Jessie was having her say. ‘Stop it Will, I’m here as well!’ she moaned, raising her arms in the air in protest.

But the very gorgeous Tyler James but a smile on sourpuss Jessie’s face with his rendition of Terence Trent D’arby classic ‘Sign Your Name’. „You’re very cool. I wanna chill with you,” she told him which raised several eyebrows among her fellow judges.

„I’m getting picked on tonight,” she (half) joked before asking a very nervous looking Tyler out for a meal. „Let’s go out for dinner,” she suggested while Tyler shrugged was pretty much rendered speechless.

The poor lamb was still clearly in shock when Reggie asked him in the V Room if he was going to take her up on her offer.

“Um, I don’t know” said Mr James. Blown out. Not a great end to a pretty naff week for Jessie.

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  1. Eu cred ca acele critici facute de Jessie sunt constructive . Stii zicala : ,,Sunt stapan pe cuvintele mele , dar nu pe intelesurile tale” . Cred ca merge aplicata si aici 🙂 Sa le fie rusine celor de la Mirror.!

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