Jessie la HMV

Jessie promoveaza muzica britanica prin proiectul „Music is great„, iar ieri a sustinut in Londra.

Cu aceasta ocazie, Jessie a transmis un mesaj fanilor si mass-media: Everybody cared about what I did, what I wore and what I said. And what I did on TV, and how I acted, and how I portrait myself all the time, and now look what people do,” a spus ea“I’ve always been honest with my fans, and I feel honored that you guys supported me – kept me here. And I think that in the last few weeks, some of you may not know and some of you may know, I’ve definitely felt the most negative stuff that I’ve had – for the first time in my career. And I suppose, it’s weird, you open a paper or you open a magazine, and you read something that is so untrue, but people believe it,” a continuat. “But for me, I believe in my music and I write songs about it. Because that’s how I can put out my emotion. I don’t stoop to no ones low level making up stuff about people that I have never met. But I wanna take this oppurtunity to say: thank you SO much, for making me be able to be someone that can wake up on a day and sing and perform.”

Urmariti mai jos clipul cu mesajul artistei 🙂

Si….. ca de obicei, Jessie a „furat” un telefon :)))


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