Becky Hill si Jessie J lucreaza impreuna deja!

Becky Hill, colaboreaza deja cu Jessie. Cantareata de 18 ani canta de la varsta de 15 ani si a fost membra mai multor trupe. Unul dintre fostii ei colegi de trupa sustine ca Becky s-a intalnit deja de mai multe ori cu Jessie in studio. Becky si-a infiintat de curand o trupa Soul numita Shaking Trees in orasul ei natal.

Tobosarul trupei, Nige Mayall, o descrie pe Becky ca fiind o cantareata uimitoare, declarand ca Jessie nu iroseste deloc timpul pe care il are la dispozitie sa-i scoata talentul in evidenta.

“I think Jessie J spotted straight away what good songs Becky writes and she encouraged that. Becky’s songs are emotional and relate to women. She writes them herself but is happy to share them with others to work on and play. I first met her when she was 15. The songs she had written were so good and the lyrics were very mature and assertive for a girl of that age. I’m sure Jessie J would have felt she could really relate to Becky because she wrote songs when she was 15. I can see them releasing music together. I’m sure Jessie J appreciates the high standard of Becky’s music and songwriting. I know The Voice is all about finding a singer but Becky is a complete musician. A pal of mine who used to be in the band says Becky and Jessie have already started working on songs together.”

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