Oficial: Jessie isi va scrie Autobiografia

Jessie a incheiat un contract cu editorul Simon & Schuster pentru a scrie propria biografie.

Autobiografia, ce se va numi „Who i am” este programat sa apara pe 27 Septembrie.

Viata sa, cu un trecut special promite o autobiografie extrem de interesanta. Problemele la inima, colegele sale de liceu,  Leona Lewis si Adele, concertele lu Chris Brown la care canta in deschidere, si multe alte aventuri promit o carte de exceptie.

Jessie: “2012 is the most amazing year so far and we’re only a few months in! I’ve already had the most amazing opportunities thrown at me, which I’m catching with open arms.”

“Jessie J is an international superstar and with her stunning voice and message of individuality and integrity she is a great inspiration to her millions of fans around the world. This promises to be a stylish, very personal and hugely entertaining book.”


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