Jessie va fi si anul viitor la The Voice UK

Alaturi de, Tom Jones si Danny, Jessie va continua sa gaseasca noi talente anul viitor la The Voice UK.

“Jessie has signed on the dotted line and will definitely be back for another series, Jessie did find some of it tougher than she expected but the ­ positives outweighed the ­negatives so she’s chosen to come back. Now she knows what to expect, Jessie is determined to enjoy it more next year, so she’s already excited about getting started. Producers are convinced Jessie is the main ­reason ratings were so high,” the source added. “She is the coach everyone was talking about and she’s the one who divided opinion and gave the show some attitude.”

Dar pana la The Voice UK, Jessie lucreaza din greu la noul album, promitand piese foarte oneste, noul album fiind unul mai mult acustic:

„Writing a very honest song. There always the best ones..”


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