Nice to meet you – Precomanda acum!

Precomenziile pentru autobiografia lui Jessie au inceput deja pe Amazon, atat in varianta clasica, cat si in varianta digitala. Avand 288 de pagini, cartea costa 24 $ (90 lei), in varianta clasica si 22 $ (80 lei) in varianta digitala. Livrarile vor incepe la data de 27 Septembrie.

Puteti precomanda cartea AICI!

Descrierea cartii:

„One of the most inspiring talents to emerge from British pop culture, Jessie J’s message is loud and clear: be strong, be determined and never shy away from Who You Are. An international sensation and a multi-award-winning superstar, she took the music industry by storm, selling 11 million singles and 2.5 million albums worldwide. In this fully illustrated and highly personal book, Jessie J tells her own story in her own words with all the strength, honesty and passion you would expect. This is Jessie J’s real story, opening the doors on the individuality and unique voice that have made her an inspiration to young women around the world. She talks openly about her health issues and a heart condition, her thoughts on body images and how she discovered her own identity whilst breaking into one of the world’s most competitive industries. The bold and intimate tale of this young woman will shock and enthral as she delivers her personal message with an unshakable confidence and modesty that will her place in pop culture as a much-loved star.”


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  1. cartea e tradusa?

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