10 lucruri pe care le stim despre noul album!

1. Jessie J Is Recording The Follow-Up To ‘Who You Are’ In Los Angeles.
2. Jessie J Has Been Working With Sia And Diane Warren.
3. Jessie J Has Hinted At Ed Sheeran And Tinie Tempah Collaborations.
4. Jessie’s Hitting The Gym Hard To Make Her Body Even More Fierce.

5. Jessie J Teams Up With Her ‘Domino’ Producer Dr Luke.

6. Jessie Said Her New Album Will Explore Her Pain.
7. Jessie Won’t Have Any Hair When It’s Released.
8. Jessie Might Perform Songs From The Album On Her ‘Nice To Meet You’ UK Tour In 2013.
9. Jessie Said The Album Won’t Have A “Running Sound”.
10. The Album Won’t Feature Her “Cartoon Look”.

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